About Me

Add a little touch of elegance to your home with Diamond Cove Collection.

I believe there's beauty in simplicity! This is why I am inspired to create a timeless collection, to compliment any theme or aesthetic in your home.
I take pride in ensuring all products are made with a high quality standard and I am committed to continuously perfecting my art to provide you with wonderful products!

Hello my name is Jodie, and I am the owner of Diamond Cove Soy Candles.

My childhood home was always decorated with candles of all kinds, my mother ensured we had one of the most welcoming and coziest houses to grow up in. I most definitely inherited my candle obsession from her!
I would experiment with making candles and would often find myself at local op shops sourcing vintage teacups and recycling old spaghetti jars.
After years of experimentation, and selling my candles to family, friends and at local markets I was determined to create a business of my very own, doing something that I love. 
I started this business at the beginning of 2019 and enjoy perfecting my craft by spending time on research and design. My customer base is now expanding and with that, comes the desire to provide more exciting products of high quality and passion!
Passion creates the best memories and I take great pride in what I have achieved, and I hope you enjoy your Diamond Cove Soy Candles!
 - Jodie