Product Care & Tips

Here are a few candle safety tips to keep your Diamond Cove Soy Candles burning at optimal level.

Before You Burn
Place your candle on a level, well protected heat resistant, dry surface away from children, pets and drafty areas. Never leave your candles unattended

Candle Prep
Before lighting you candle, always trim the wick to 5mm in height and remove all trimmings to allow for flame height that will slowly melt an even pool of wax

Initial Burn
When you first light your candle, allow the wax to melt all the way to the edge of the jar. Allowing a full melt pool ensures an even burn and the maximum fragrance. Lighting and then extinguishing your candle for a shorter period, will result in an uneven burn.

Always Remember
Extinguish your candle after 4 hours of burning. Discard the candle when 20mm of wax remains in the jar to prevent surface damage.

Candle Tips
Simply trim the wick with either a wick trimmer, scissors or pinch off the tip of the wick using your fingers. Clean the black soot off from around the glass with some paper towel and water.

When finished with your jar, simply discard the remaining wax into the bin and clean out your candle jar with hot soapy water. The wax will float to the top, be sure to discard the wax into the bin and do not pour down the sink as the wax will clog your drain pipes.

Our wax melts pots are bursting with fragrance! Try breaking the melt in half to test the strength in your home or space Once the scent from the melts has run out, simply discard old wax melts into the bin. Do not pour wax down your sink, as the wax will harden and clog the drains. Wipe out your melt burner using a paper towel and warm soapy water.

Bubble Candle & Blossom Candle Care & Tips
IMPORTANT **While burning aesthetic candles please place candles onto a fireproof drip tray**
Always burn candle for a minimum of one hour, this will prevent tunneling.
Try not burn candle for longer than 4 hours at a time.
Trimming the wicks to 5mm each time reduces smoking.

We recommend to use our diffusers in small to average size rooms. More than one diffuser is recommended for larger rooms.
Please handle the florals with care as mishandling may result in a lower life expectancy.

Carefully remove bamboo stopper. Place reeds and dried florals into the vessel. Reeds will absorb liquid and disperse fragrance into the air. Avoid contact with textiles and finished surfaces.
Wipe any spills immediately with damp cloth.
Use gloves when handling used reeds. Keep out of reach of
children and pets.